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                Walking Tour - Katong Evening Food Tour

                Katong Evening Food Tour

                 Starts Duration Adult (S$) Child (S$)
                10 - 12 yrs old
                16:30hrs approx.3hrs Online




                • 6 different food stops and up to 12 different tastings.

                • Eat where the locals eat and not in tourist traps.

                • Explore Singapore's colourful Peranakan community.

                • Meet hawkers and chefs, and hear about their stories.

                • Visit a local temple to see how food and religion mix.


                Guests will meet up with the guide at a local curry puff shop to begin their culinary exploration of Katong and Joo Chiat. On every tour, we aim not only to showcase our favourite dishes but also the people behind the scenes that feed our city on a daily basis. We'll meet Dennis and May who are the best curry puff chefs in Singapore and have a chance to sample some of their products.

                We'll then take a stroll down East Coast Road as the heat begins to die down and the locals come out to eat.

                We'll pass by the colourful Peranakan shophouses that the area is famous for and take a seat at our favourite Chicken Rice stall. Singapore's national dish, Chicken rice is a fierce talking joint for us all. Guests will hear what makes the perfect chicken rice and how the condiments are so important to getting the dish perfect.

                Continuing along East Coast road, we'll visit Uncle popiah who has been rolling popiah for decades. He'll show us his technique and we'll have a chance to try it once he'd finished.

                We visit a local Peranakan cultural centre where we feast on the famous Kueh's and learn more about this local culture. Following this, we'll take a walk to Laksa corner and hear about the infamous Katong Laksa wars and meeting the team that beat Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay in a cook off when he came to Singapore.

                A visit to a vibrant Hindu temple and one of the area's favourite coffee corners give our guests an sub continental flavour which is vital to telling the are's rich story.

                Over a 3 hour period, you will have tried dishes from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Peranakan, and of course uniquely Singaporean flavours.



                Departs:  Tour operates on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.


                Departure point:  Soon Soon Huat Curry Puff @ 220 East Coast Road, Singapore 428917


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