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                Cool Things to Try in Singapore

                After you have had enough of the conventional activities in Singapore, take out some spare time on your trip here to explore the side of the city that most tourists and even a few locals aren’t acquainted with.


                Visit a Spa
                Did you know that a fair share of tourist arrive here in Singapore's spas that promise exquisite experiences that relaxing your mind and soul? The Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa is set on top of a cliff and spreads over 27 acres of tropical land creating an unmatchable environment for you to relax in. Choose from a selection of treatments while here or spend a few nights to wash away all the stresses you may have accumulated.

                Shop for Cheap Electronics

                While Tokyo is home to all latest electronics goods, Singapore continues to offer the widest range. Visit Funan Digitalife Mall or the Sim Lim Square to splurge on handicams, mobile phones, hi-tech cameras, portable DVD players, MP3 players, laptops and more. The prices here tend to be about 20% cheaper than the ones in commercial outlets. Some haggling is also permitted in shops within Sim Lim Square. 


                Exploring Sultan Mosque and Arab Street

                Located in the heart of the Muslim Quarters, this lane is essentially paradise for the fashionista in you. Once a lane full of narrow shop houses, this is now a hip retail stretch that offers a stylish inventory of apparel, home accessories and other quirky items.

                While in the area, make it a point to also have a look at the Sultan Mosque on Muscat Street. Considered one of the most important in the city, this gorgeous domed structure is worth a visit. The Arab Street nearby is also home to some charming cafés, restaurants and a colorful ambiance.

                Exploring Dempsey Hill
                What were barracks for the British Army in the 1950’s are today’s fine collection of art galleries, bars, restaurants and spas all set within a lush jungle. The Garrison Church that was long abandoned is now open as a restaurant and bar that serves European comfort food. Known as the White Rabbit, this rather uppity place serves innovations to all time favorites such as macaroni and cheese which comes with a drizzle of truffle sauce.

                Ang Siang Hill
                A recent growth in business has resulted in an influx of charming and quirky restaurants, shops and cafés on the Ann Siang Hill. The younger crowd simply enjoys spending time here on the weekends, where women can pursue some retail therapy and friends can hang out at the local bar.

                Cable Car Sky Dining
                A rather unique experience worth having especially if you are on a romantic holiday, the cable car sky dining experience includes a set 4 course dinner in a cable car joining Sentosa with Faber Peak. This 90 minute joy ride is worth trying!

                One Fullerton
                One Fullerton is a modern two story waterfront building offering some exquisite al fresco dining experiences and a host of other entertainment options. If you happen to be visiting the city during the Singapore Grand Prix, this building proves to be the perfect vantage point to view the exciting night race that takes place here.

                Peranakan Cuisine
                Get insights into the Peranakan culture in Singapore by venturing on a memorable trail through the Spice Garden that is now located on the first Botanic Gardens in the Fort Canning Park. Delve into the nitty-gritty’s of their cooking style which takes influences from Malay and Chinese cooking.

                Sungei Buloh
                Finally, visit the North East part of the city to explore the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. This is an important stop over point for a variety of migratory bird species. Also, the East Coast Park is worth a visit, located by the ocean, it is one of Singapore’s most renowned urban getaways


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