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                Most Popular Night Spot in Singapore

                After the sunsets on the city of Singapore, it naturally transform itself in a hub for fun and entertainment. Executives who only a few hours ago were stressing over business meetings and end of month targets now shed their formal attire and blend into the vibrant Singapore nightlife where one can drink and dance into the wee hours of the night.

                If you are in search for the best of Singapore entertainment, the following nightclubs are worth a visit.



                Considered to be a 4 in 1 clubbing experience, this nightclub offers something for all kinds of clubbers. With 4 different clubs within a single complex, each one offering different styles of decor and music, you can either choose to put on your own dancing shoes or simply lounge about with your business friends.

                This nightclub is also known to host a number of international DJs such as Carl Cox, Hardwell, Tiesto and Afrojack. Tourists and local clubbers both enjoy the amazing sound systems, the fabulous cocktail menu and fashionable crowds.


                Considered to be among the most sought after clubs on Clarke Quay, this nightclun offers exquisite dance music, fabulous cocktails and fun casual ambiance. It is most famous for its ladies night where it offers a wider basket of options on complimentary drinks for all the girls in the house.


                A key highlight in this club is its sumptuous and innovative menu of desserts such as tiramisu with Kahlua shots, Jager Meister ice creams and strawberries soaked in champange.

                The Butter Factory

                If you are into R&B music, The Butter Factory is the place you want to go. In addition to its brilliant music scene, this club is also well known for its appealing art deco environment that features exquisite works from renowned artist and designers. This club is evidently younger than many others that you will come across in the island city.

                Club Kyo
                This unique theme club offers to patrons an impressive list of Japanese whiskies along with an exquisite collection of sakes. If you are looking for something more familiar they also have a long menu of great spirits, wines and champagnes. The minimalistic ambiance of this club offers an earthy environment influenced by Japanese style of interior designing.

                The highlight here is the recycling of material such as wood and whisky barrels to create a beautiful ambiance for all.

                Home Club
                You may also want to spend an evening at the Home Club which is best known for its budget friendly drink menu. This clubs is known to offer attractive deals during happy hours, especially during promotional parties and live performances.

                Enjoy performances by local drum and base artist and even big stars that come all the way from the UK.


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